Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Whats all the flapper about?


I've finally managed to watch The Great Gatsby and oh my days have I now got my summer wish last dreamed up and sourced. The costumes designed by Prada and Catherine Martin has made me want to follow their lead in styling clothes that are 20s inspired but modernised so do not appear costumey, there is nothing worse than a head to toe over embellished costume look.

For me this translates as mixing colour and texture - a feathered pastel pink cape teamed with a sequined black slip would make a perfect cocktail combination. Stay clear from a sequined dress mixed with sequined hairband and glittery shoes it would all combine to look like an ice skater costume. Also an embellished drop waisted dress would look modern matched with a fitted blazer or even a boyfriend fit blazer, the combination of texture and volume would revamp the dress with a modern 20s edge.

Twenties costumes shown in Gatsby are all about using clothing as an outward indicator of wealth, power and status, and as a tool of seduction but nowadays we don't see clothing in that same way so when accessorising it's fine to use costume jewellery, feathers and diamantes. With this trend it seems with accessories be bold - Headbands are my personal fave but I think that instead of a crystal encrusted one I would be more inclined to go for the fastener approach with feathers attached at the side of head.

Style tips to look out for when shopping - dropped waist, pleats, beading, metallic print, sequins, embellishment, coloured fur, silk taffeta all have hints of 20s inspiration.

Needle & Thread at ASOS is a great place to start their mix of embellishment and colour combined forms a modern flapper look.


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