Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Alison Erika Forde - The Tallest of Tales exhibition

I visited an exhibition by the artist Alison Erika Forde named 'The Tallest of Tales' a little while back and really want to share the images with you. She uses all salvaged materials in her creations which I enjoy as it is inventive and shows that old cast offs  once given a little thought can be turned into unique items which in themselves tells a story.

The theme of the exhibition was based around old fairy tales but Alison reinvigorates the happily ever after fairy tale into something more sinister and macabre. For example in the painting which depicts the story Little Red Riding Hood instead of the young heroine being shown in her happily ever role she is instead seen as still emotionally troubled by her experiences and by having many wolves hands scratching at the bedding shows that unlike a fairy tale the nightmare carries on.

However not all the art was macabre she also bought a surreal, whimsical element to the exhibition by her use of animals in human life like scenarios such as doing the conga which was amusing to look at.

Overall I really enjoyed the exhibition, I liked the playfulness coupled with the macabre mix which makes for an interesting glimpse into a fairy tale world that is definitely not told as a child.