Thursday, 27 June 2013

The designers of the future - The Who's next Paris

The Who's next Pret a Porter x Arts Thread competition winners have been announced and they showcase their collections starting from next week - 6th to 9th July. Six industry experts and insiders judged numerous recent graduates from across Europe and the 10 winners will have the chance to showcase their designs over 4 days to industry experts it is a sound notice board for creating links between recent graduates and businesses. Judges included editor of Dazed and Confused and Head of Merchandising for Urban Outfitters so the winners have chance to make contacts with people who can further their fashion careers.

These designers were chosen for their uniqueness and represent 10 faces to keep track off since graduating and are sure to be big name hitters in fashion shows to come.

We have two British designers winners - Victoria Sowerby & Lucy Downes

Victoria Sowerby graduated from Central Saint Martins and the collection she won with is inspired by 90s youth culture and hooligan football culture. She combines contemporary print with a comical twist such as psychedelic print of Kevin Keegans head. Her designs remove any previous notions of sportswear of being dark and mass culture into a brighter, fun light by use of print and colour combos. I love her take on sportswear.
Lucy Downes -

 Lucy Downes graduated from Arts University Bournemouth and the collection she won with is also centred around sportswear but she is combining it with formal wear to bring about new shapes and textures to sportswear look. She uses feminine colours and print but by combining with structured materials it creates a more polished sportswear. I love her bomber jacket with paisley print patches.

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