Sunday, 30 June 2013

Mario Testini for MATE at Net-A-Porter

Mario Testini for MATE at Net-A-Porter

Mario Testini the designer, it's quite set apart from his usual job of photographing fashion but now he has lent his hand to designing an accessories range sold exclusively at Net-A-Porter. It is based on his iconic Alta Moda (High Fashion) photographs where he captured people in traditional dress from 5 different provinces in his home country of Peru. The collection consists of silk blend kaftans, tote bags, clutch bags and jewellery - they all are brightly emblazoned with snapbits of his original images. They would make for the perfect resort wear because of the bright vibrant colours they would sit well on a tanned body. My favourite items from the collection is the jewellery I love how they have a ethnic artisan craft style about them but are made from swarorski and gold plated elements, I especially adore the little pompoms hanging off the necklaces. Mario Testini has created this collection in association with MATE which is a not-for-profit organisation to promote crafts in Peru so it is not just an accessories collection but Testino's passion for being a Peruvian and his influence and inspiration is what makes the collection so special.

Friday, 28 June 2013

OTT Friday - The Thrill of the Hunt

Christopher Kane for Topshop Alligator dress - H&M Leather trousers - Vintage fox shawl - Fred Perry Bomber jacket - Leopard Nike Air Max trainers
For this weeks OTT Friday I've decided to channel my version of a modern warrior - it's all about the Roarrrrr factor.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

The designers of the future - The Who's next Paris

The Who's next Pret a Porter x Arts Thread competition winners have been announced and they showcase their collections starting from next week - 6th to 9th July. Six industry experts and insiders judged numerous recent graduates from across Europe and the 10 winners will have the chance to showcase their designs over 4 days to industry experts it is a sound notice board for creating links between recent graduates and businesses. Judges included editor of Dazed and Confused and Head of Merchandising for Urban Outfitters so the winners have chance to make contacts with people who can further their fashion careers.

These designers were chosen for their uniqueness and represent 10 faces to keep track off since graduating and are sure to be big name hitters in fashion shows to come.

We have two British designers winners - Victoria Sowerby & Lucy Downes

Victoria Sowerby graduated from Central Saint Martins and the collection she won with is inspired by 90s youth culture and hooligan football culture. She combines contemporary print with a comical twist such as psychedelic print of Kevin Keegans head. Her designs remove any previous notions of sportswear of being dark and mass culture into a brighter, fun light by use of print and colour combos. I love her take on sportswear.
Lucy Downes -

 Lucy Downes graduated from Arts University Bournemouth and the collection she won with is also centred around sportswear but she is combining it with formal wear to bring about new shapes and textures to sportswear look. She uses feminine colours and print but by combining with structured materials it creates a more polished sportswear. I love her bomber jacket with paisley print patches.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Comme des Garcon X Converse

Comme des Garcon X Converse

With everyone and their mother currently wearing Converse pumps the latest collaboration between Comme des Garcon and Converse Pro is a stylish way to buy into the Converse trend without being another foot in the crowd. My favourites are the white low pumps with red hearts they're a clash between Vans x Converse x Avant garde fashion

You can buy online at Dover Street Market

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Wimbledon Whites

Wimbeldon Whites

Lunch - Top: & Other Stories, Skirt: Topshop, Watch: ASOS, Boots: Topshop
Club - Headband: Boohoo, Stacked ring set: ASOS, Dress: Boohoo, Clutch bag: French Connection, Shoes: River Island
Cocktail - Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters, Top: River Island, Skirt: Topshop, Sandals: & Other Stories
With the start of Wimbledon tomorrow here are 3 different Wimbledon inspired outfits. White is a very tricky colour to pull off but in the spirit of Wimbledon I thought I'd give it a go.
My favourite outfit is the one for cocktails I love the flatforms and Boucle A line skirt which would be very flattering but if you're not quite ready to bare all with this crop top try a peplum top instead. The box clutch bag for Club look is a French Connection piece that I'm going to start saving for now bit pricey at £85 but it reminds me of Black Beauty with the running horses and the size and shape of box is bang on trend at the moment. For the Lunch time outfit I wanted to go away from all white and I think this Topshop organza skirt goes really well, also it is a midi skirt - the length of the moment.
It's definitely time to start embracing white just watch out when you're eating if you're anything like me!

Friday, 21 June 2013

OTT Fridays

I wanted to try something totally new and different from my usual style of blogging so from now on every Friday is going to be OTT Friday - its the one day a week where I can be totally indulgent and post the most over the top outfit of the week.

J.W Anderson for Topshop paisley top and skirt,  Mint green shirt worn underneath Pop Boutique, Necklace ASOS marketplace, Boots River Island.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Whats all the flapper about?


I've finally managed to watch The Great Gatsby and oh my days have I now got my summer wish last dreamed up and sourced. The costumes designed by Prada and Catherine Martin has made me want to follow their lead in styling clothes that are 20s inspired but modernised so do not appear costumey, there is nothing worse than a head to toe over embellished costume look.

For me this translates as mixing colour and texture - a feathered pastel pink cape teamed with a sequined black slip would make a perfect cocktail combination. Stay clear from a sequined dress mixed with sequined hairband and glittery shoes it would all combine to look like an ice skater costume. Also an embellished drop waisted dress would look modern matched with a fitted blazer or even a boyfriend fit blazer, the combination of texture and volume would revamp the dress with a modern 20s edge.

Twenties costumes shown in Gatsby are all about using clothing as an outward indicator of wealth, power and status, and as a tool of seduction but nowadays we don't see clothing in that same way so when accessorising it's fine to use costume jewellery, feathers and diamantes. With this trend it seems with accessories be bold - Headbands are my personal fave but I think that instead of a crystal encrusted one I would be more inclined to go for the fastener approach with feathers attached at the side of head.

Style tips to look out for when shopping - dropped waist, pleats, beading, metallic print, sequins, embellishment, coloured fur, silk taffeta all have hints of 20s inspiration.

Needle & Thread at ASOS is a great place to start their mix of embellishment and colour combined forms a modern flapper look.


Saturday, 8 June 2013

The 2013 Museum of the year

The art fund prize for museum of the year has been announced and the crowned glory and £100,000 winnings go to the William Morris Gallery in North East London.

The gallery is the only one in Britain that is dedicated to the leader of the Arts and Crafts Movement (1850-1900) William Morris, who is best known for his wallpaper designs. Set within a Georgian house which was built in 1740 it is a grand setting for the Victorian designers work; Morris also lived in the house between 1848 and 1856 with his family so makes it the perfect setting.

The reasoning behind a museum is to offer inspiration, education and enjoyment through the collection of items displayed. The William Morris gallery has all these factors in its collections some of my favourite are a full scale replica of Morris’s workshop, a letter explaining his reasoning for rejection of clergy for a life dedicated to art and examples of his speeches advocating socialism. I think that they give the visitor a rounded insight into the inspiration and life of Morris.

The diffusion between the permanent collection, setting and new exhibits is true to the Arts and Crafts movements’ ideology as appreciation of quality craftsmanship is upheld throughout the gallery.  Art Fund Prize judge said it, ‘offers a memorable way of experiencing art of the highest quality in the context of a great historic personality.’

The William Morris gallery is a treasure cove of objects made with love and passion, and with the upmost beauty and ingenuity handcrafted examples include wallpaper, ceramics, furniture and textile samples.  

 ‘Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful,’ Morris has been quoted as saying and this is certainly a true reflection of the objects displayed in the William Morris gallery.
Morris Wallpaper, 1862 - 'Trellis'

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Comme des Garcon X Warhol

Comme des garcon X Warhol
The latest collaboration by Rei Kawakubo for Comme des Garcon is a joining of two opposing aesthetics - Andy Warhol known for his bold pop culture aesthetic is being repackaged by the minimalist monochrome aesthetic of Rei Kawakubo. It doesn't work on paper but in making it combines to form a modern, art, graffiti inspired collection.
It is a 15 piece unisex collection ranging from t-shirts, scarves, shoes and bags. Classic Warhol iconography such as his 1964 Flowers painting have been printed on t-shirts. My personal favourite is a remake of Warhols 1960s Cow wallpaper on a backpack.
The collection is a fun, vibrant collaboration between a pop artist master and avant garde designer - best summed up by Warhol himself 'Fashion wasn't what you wore someplace, it was the whole reason for going.'