Thursday, 11 July 2013

Jeremy Scott Fall 2013

With the Summer heat wave we’re having at the moment it’s kind of depressing and gloomy to start to think about Autumn fashion but with the sales in the high street reaching fever point selling all summer things ready for next season I think the one designer who is able to transcend the current mood and joy of summer to Autumn is a Mr Jeremy Scott.

Ever since his first collection in 1997 based on car crashes he has been one designer to not go with the flow but to design for the true exhibitionist. His designs are based on pop culture, street wear, club life, mix of high and low culture all combined to create a truly theatrical, whimsical yet sometimes harrowing collections designed to shock and create buzz around what you’re wearing.
I’m currently lusting after his Fall 2013 collection, particularly I am loving his use of slogan tops, animal print combos, checkerboard print and my fave look from the collection is the leopard print double zip at front skirt. The whole collection has a punk edge but teamed with the use of bright candy colours makes me feel that there is still fun to be have this Autumn.

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