Friday, 15 February 2013

The Gender Blender Wardrobe

In 1969 modernist designer Rudi Gernreich released his first unisex fashion collection and made a prediction for the future that clothing that ‘will not be identified as either male or female … women and men will wear skirts interchangeably ... the aesthetics of fashion are going to involve the body itself.’
He was right in some respect as the definition of gender wardrobes is becoming more opaque nowadays; it is seen as fashionable for women to wear over sized jumpers and men to wear skinny jeans, which would previously be classified for the other sex. It has moved on from the transsexual image of men in women’s clothing to a more encompassing view that clothes are transformable and androgynous fashion is the next step in translating the notion of masculinity and femininity.

More has been reported on men dressing in female attire but it is the aesthetic that is being challenged in latest fashion collections, there has been a move away from clothing clinging to the body revealing shape but instead garments given structure and shape which is ambiguous to the body underneath.

Brands such as Kooples, All Saints and Cheap Monday on the high street are pretty much genderless in their approach to fashion by their use of monochrome, shape and overall aesthetic that is malleable to the individual. Acne produced a Transsexual Collection in 2010 in which they shown how shirts could be adapted to either sex without a strict gender definition and Cheap Monday jeans are all unisex and they have played on the characteristics of femininity in the ‘Corset Jeans.’

Acne Transsexual collection

Cheap Monday Corset jeans
Levis has introduced the ‘Ex girlfriend Jeans’ which is comical role play from ‘Boyfriend Jeans’ which has a more relaxed fit for women. The Ex girlfriend Jeans are super snug and have that spray on effect which only should be attempted by ultra hip skinny fashion boys, I don’t know what Levis are trying to say though that your ex girlfriend was more stylish than current one and that’s why you’ve got her jeans, either way it’s a look that needs balls to pull off, well ones that can be cleverly concealed. 

It is not just the high street that have shown inspiration towards a genderless wardrobe but couture as well is starting to be questioned. Couture designer Rad Hourani Spring 2013 Haute Couture collection used both male and female models in matching wigs so it was hard at first glance to distinguish between the sexes, his collection showed how both male and female could be equipped in same attire that didn’t show no favour to either sex but instead looked just as good on both.

Rad Hourani 2013 Couture

In summary a gender blender wardrobe consists of items that can be easily adaptable, transformable to modern life with no restriction on sexual definitions. Guys if you are still uncertain of the benefits of unisex clothing look to Kanye West as inspiration he has shown how a Celine 2011 Female shirt can be worn with a masculine approach. 

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